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This November 11th, the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) wishes to thank all our nation’s veterans young and old for their service to our constitutional republic. We appreciate your courage and sacrifice both physical and personal in fighting to defend our way of life and the rights we often take for granted. Whatever branch of the military you served in, wherever you were stationed and whatever your rank and duty, God bless you and your families this Veteran’s Day and beyond with health, happiness and a well-earned rest. We are proud of you all!

For God and Nation,

Your Fellow Patriots of the
Constitution Party of Wisconsin

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) values and appreciates your continued support.

– Consider JOINING our ranks, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we engage our State and Nation with the time-honored and -tested truths that ours is a constitutional republic founded on Liberty of Conscience, Security of Property, and the Rule of Law as inviolable principles of social order in a free nation, and that as such is necessarily guided by an understanding of human nature informed by biblical teaching, and thus also by a general observation of Christian morality in both our social customs and our laws. Read our Full Platform, and consider joining the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. CLICK HERE to JOIN!

– Please consider DONATING to the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. You can DONATE ONLINE by CLICKING HERE. If you prefer to donate by check, please CLICK HERE to CONTACT US indicating your desire to donate by check, and we will reply with a document for you to fill out and return to us via postal mail.

– Please HELP US extend our reach, by sharing our email communiqués with your family, friends and acquaintances! (If you do, please be sure to delete the footer following these lines, because the “unsubscribe” option, should your email contacts use it, will unsubscribe you from our email list). As you know, we periodically send email on subjects pertaining to issues of political policy and ideology, but always strive to provide substantive content for our readers and supporters. As a minor political party, ours is not principally a pragmatic but an ideological endeavor driven by the convictions of Conscience. This sets us apart from our primary political opponents, who, having the upper hand in terms of popularity and finances, rest comfortably on their haunches while providing their supporters with little in terms of substance, dispensing instead only the shallow political rhetoric necessary to manage their positions as dominant political organizations while still floating along in the current of mainstream political progressivism. In an effort to grow, however, not only do we need to reach greater numbers of Wisconsinites, we are also tasked with the need to remind them of what they were taught decades ago in school, and increasingly, to educate and re-educate them in an effort to help prevent the ideas of Liberty from being forgotten and entirely lost. The Constitution Party of Wisconsin stands for nothing new, we strive for no innovation of political thought; rather we urgently work to conserve the Great Ideas of the past which have brought so much blessing to America and the West, and to carry them forward as a solid foundation upon and from which future generations may build and benefit. Please consider sharing our email communiqués with your family, friends and acquaintances, and invite them to subscribe for themselves at the following URL: SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

– Above all, please keep our Party, State and Nation in your prayers! Our State is now led by liberal progressives, who will very likely renew their destructive efforts to morally and financially bankrupt our State, and our Nation appears to be at a cross-roads. The division is stark. And, it seems, the division is well-founded and necessary. Pray for wisdom and integrity among our representatives in legislative and executive positions, and for the leaders of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin as we seek to broaden the dispersal and acceptance of our ideas, to pursue party growth and influence, and to engage our society with the only Truth that leads to unity and liberty.