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Thomas Harland is the Constitutionalist Candidate for State Assembly – District 64

For Immediate Release – July 5, 2018

(Kenosha) My name is Thomas Harland and I was born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Carroll University with degree in Business and Economics. After living in Missouri and Texas, my wife and I returned home to Wisconsin to raise our two young boys.

For far too long, the 64th Assembly district has had no choice on the ballot but to send a Democrat to Madison. It is my belief that state and federal governments should be made up of true representatives of the people rather than career politicians.

Both Democrats and Republicans seek to increase control of the government rather than the power of their constituents. We the people recently voted NO to a power grab to eliminate a constitutional system of checks and balances. This suggests that voters want to influence decisions made for their families rather than relinquish decision-making power to those in Madison. I am running to represent the people of the 64th Assembly who desire to protect their unborn, 2nd amendment rights, and their freedoms through delivering a smaller government via part-time legislature. Wisconsin deserves to be represented by neighbors who love liberty and possess the will to defend against big government.

On The Issues

Limited Government

Government has become too large and too entangled in our daily lives. Individuals are making “being a politician” a career. Wisconsin is only 1 of 10 states with a Full-time legislature and could save over $5 million annually in salaries by moving to part-time. Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid in Per Diems could be eliminated by using technology such as web conferencing to perform many of the meetings.

Defending Gun Rights

I will work to defend the 2nd Amendment from any and all attacks. “Common Sense” gun reform will not keep all other rights protected. It has been shown over and over that it is not how an individual commits a crime but the why.
Defending the Unborn

Over 1,800 abortions are performed daily in America. This needs to stop immediately. The only “choice” that is being made, is the choice to murder a defenseless child. I will work to defend the defenseless in all circumstances.

Foxconn & Free Markets

The government should not decide the winners and losers in the economy. The government is responsible for creating a positive environment for business not giving a specific company a pass on taxes and environmental regulations to “bring jobs” to an area of the country that is already above full employment.


I affirm the free market principles which drive improvement of education through non-traditional options such as internet-based schools, charter schools, Christian and private schools, as well as home schooling options. Common Core has failed Wisconsin, we need to instill a “competition breeds excellence” mindset for both our teachers and our children.