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The Republican Party, Conservatives, and The Bare Minimum

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As chairman of a party on the right of the political spectrum, I get asked from time to time why it appears that I am more critical of the Republican Party than the Democrat Party.

It’s because I am.

I don’t expect better from pro-abortion, pro-same-sex “marriage”, pro-big government, pro-multiple gender Democrats; if you listen, they have told you exactly what they want to impose on America. It’s elected Republicans and party leaders who have said repeatedly they are the party of 1) limited government 2) tax fairness 3) family values 4) traditional marriage, and 5) fiscal responsibility.I expect more from Republicans because they tell us this is what they want and believe. I’m just holding them to their claims. Is that wrong?

You see, what I have noticed of the Republican Party over the past twenty years is that they will do just enough to keep economic conservative and evangelical voters on the hook voting Republican, but no more than that. The following are some of these bare minimum examples. These are economic, constitutional, and moral issues that I and others have with the Republican Party during the times Republicans have been in power (even sometimes in full control of the Legislative and Executive branches in Washington or the several states–

  • Taxes and tax code. Federal tax cuts and changes to the tax withholding tables under President Trump and state tax cuts under former Governor Walker, yes. Toss out and rewrite the confusing, unfair tax code or end the progressive income tax when they controlled the Congress/state legislature, no.
  • IRS. Republicans held hearings on IRS (Infernal Revenue Stealers) abuses and investigations into TEA Party and other patriot groups during the 2012 presidential race, even threatened to impeach the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in 2016 ( I didn’t realize you could impeach a bureaucrat, but OK. So, investigate the IRS, yes. End the IRS when they have the majority to, no.
  • Pro-life. Republicans will expend considerable time crafting and then pushing through legislation restricting certain types of abortions knowing ahead of time that a leftist federal judge will just strike it down. But no Republican governor or state Supreme Court will say, “We will not enforce abortion on demand in our state.”or, “Roe v. Wade has no force here.” as the WI Supreme Court said of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1854. Constitution Party (CP) people in elected executive offices would ( Abortion, Euthanasia and Bio-Research, and Sanctity of Life planks). So, legislate restrictions on abortion, yes. Openly defy Roe and stop enforcing abortion on demand laws, no.
  • Limited government. Cut some agency funding and put some caps on spending, yes. Eliminate one –just one –government agency in Washington when the GOP has the majority to do so, no.
  • Traditional marriage. Remember how hard everyone fought and worked in 2006 to add the Traditional Marriage Amendment to the WI constitution? That was a strong Republican Party fighting for the Moral Order then. Fast forward to 2014 when Governor Walker caved into a federal judge and said of the amendment he was duty-bound to enforce, “For us, it is over in Wisconsin.”In June 2015 after the infamous Supreme Court Obergefell ruling, every Republican State governor said, in effect, “I don’t agree with the ruling but will enforce it.” Some saying they would “…enforce the law.” showing their constitutional ignorance since the SC cannot make laws. See for yourself:( Fight for traditional marriage, yes (at first to energize the evangelical base of the party). Defend traditional marriage when the laws you passed are under attack by leftists in 2015, no.
  • Religious Liberty. Forcing someone to provide services or work for someone else (photographing or designing a wedding cake for a same-sex “marriage”) is involuntary servitude, a violation of the 13th Amendment. Citizens also have freedom of religion under Amendment 1. President Trump could enforce that and stop business owners from being fined by state civil rights commissions as he is duty-bound to secure and protect our inalienable, God-given rights, but he won’t. So, pass simple legislation to “protect” religious liberty that will probably be ruled unconstitutional by a leftist judge, yes. Enforce the 1st and 13th Amendments at the federal Executive level, no.
  • Deficit spending. Every budget passed under President Trump was a deficit budget a sit was under George W Bush. When challenged on it, Republicans will say, “But Democrats like Obama deficit spend worse than we did.”like it’s OK to saddle future generations with crushing debt. If it’s too hard to obey the spending limits imposed by Article 1: Section 8, don’t run for Congress. So, continue deficit spending but “not as bad as the other guys”, yes. Stop deficit spending and balance the federal budget, no.
  • Obamacare. Republicans campaigned on ending the whole unconstitutional act, but they did the bare minimum and only eliminated the individual mandate, then claimed victory. So, if Democrats ever retake full power, with the guts of Obamacare still in place, they will just put the individual mandate right back in. That’s what happens when someone does the bare minimum on any job.
    Democrats are willing to take chances, even lose their majority, if they see an opportunity to install social transformation which, once in place, will be very hard to get rid of (as Senator Ted Cruz warned in 2013, see link below). Democrats know how to use political power; Republicans don’t. As Ben Shapiro wrote in his 2017 article at
    ( “This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats: Democrats see their radical legislative moves as building blocks to the future. Republicans, afraid that their carefully crafted tower of electability will come crumbling down, make no radical legislative moves.”
    So, propose their own GOP Obamacare-lite legislation which still allows the federal government to unconstitutionally oversee healthcare, yes. Defund Obamacare and stop enforcing it, no.

I don’t expect perfection from anyone in elected office; I couldn’t live up to that standard myself. But there is a difference between making human mistakes versus allowing the godless left to win by doing the bare minimum and not engaging them. I know there are individual elected Republicans who care passionately about God’s Word and our Constitution just as much as CP members do. God bless them;they should join us.

Over the past twenty-plus years, Republicans said, “Give us the House.” Conservatives/Evangelicals did. Then they said, “Now, give us the Senate and help us keep the House.” Conservatives/Evangelicals did. Then they said, “We need the presidency while we have the full Congress.” Conservatives/Evangelicals held up their end and delivered at the polls(2001-2006 under George W. Bush and 2017-2019 under Donald Trump). If a party cannot, or will not, make changes and fight for more than the bare minimum when they are in power, what good will it do to give them power again? On abortion, same-sex “marriage”, transgenderism, fiscal responsibility, we are losing everything.

If one political party in power isn’t defending or doesn’t want to fight for the traditional, Godly and Constitutional principles you and I cherish, then conservatives and Evangelical voters need to seek out an alternative before we lose all our cherished values to the leftist, increasingly communist Democrats who won’t stop pushing for what they want.This is why I am a proud member of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. We won’t compromise and oppose incrementalism especially for the unborn.

America won’t undo the damage done by the communist left(and some neocons)to our moral standards, the public treasury, and our Constitutional rights by entrusting power to candidates who once in office will give us the bare minimum and play it safe to protect their incumbencies.

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