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The Real Tyrants in America

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Zuelke

By Andrew Zuelke, Chairman
Constitution Party of Wisconsin



Once a year, I go through the Princeton Flea Market in Green Lake County. This year, I saw this yard sign while walking to the city park. It’s the same tired, pathetic insults we on the right have endured for years: right-wingers (Republicans, patriots, Trump supporters, etc.) are racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, authoritarian dictators.

First, I thank this individual for serving and defending our Constitutional Republic.

Yard with pathetic insults

Yard sign

That said, I get it. This veteran and many Americans despise Donald Trump. They hate him with a passion, and they hope he dies in shame in prison.

Accusations are not proof. The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

A large quantity of indictments against someone are not proof! The Leftist media constantly reminds us of the “91 felony charges against Trump” as if to say, “Because there are so many charges, he must be guilty.” That is for a jury to decide. Friends, we all know a railroad job when we see one.

Tyrant Tactics

History shows us what tyrants do to seize and hold on to power. Here are just some of their tactics –

  • Disarm the populace so they cannot rise up.
  • Get complete control of all the media (newspapers, television, radio, and other forms of communication). Censor and shut down whatever media they cannot control.
  • Silencing political dissenters through intimidation, physical assault, demonizing and marginalizing them, destroying their reputations, and misrepresenting their views. Declare their speech to be the ramblings of mentally unstable fringe anarchists.
  • Get full military/police support, using them to crush opposition. Tyrants will manufacture a crisis, then declare a state of emergency to remain in force until the “crisis” ends. Then, the tyrant creates a new threat to the people.
  • Rewrite history. Get complete control over the education system to indoctrinate the children as young as possible. Whoever controls the education of the children controls the future. Tear down statutes and other monuments of the previous society. Silence the older generations who remember the truth of how things used to be.
  • Get control of the means of production and services so people are dependent on the government for their daily bread.

Leftists, which of these things did Donald Trump do during his term? Is he still president? Hmmm, I guess he didn’t get the military and police on his side to keep him in power, huh? He wasn’t ordering statutes to be destroyed, censoring the media, confiscating guns, or shutting down newspapers or the websites of those publicly critical of him.

It is Democrats in seats of power around the nation who were – and still are – violating 1st Amendment and other rights: not allowing people freedom of worship during Covid, getting people fired if they wouldn’t take the jab and not letting them earn an income, condoning violence and the assault of students and speakers on college campuses, ignoring Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who were looting and destroying people’s private property, blocking traffic, taking over six city blocks of a major-sized city and declaring themselves independent of the United States. The worst part of all these examples is, I can go on. There’s so much more.

The Opposite of Tyranny and Censorship

The following things are NOT displays or proof of tyranny and censorship –

  • Parents expressing their beliefs at school board and city council meetings, saying things Leftists on those boards disagree with.
  • Parents wanting to know what their children are learning in public schools.
  • Parents demanding that teachers teach the curriculum they were each hired for, and that’s it.
  • Shielding children from obscene and lewd content in books and films. We prevent children (aka – minors under 18) from seeing and doing lots of things for their safety and to protect their innocence.
  • Voters endorsing, giving money to and voting for specific candidates whom Leftists don’t like.
  • Voters and candidates questioning and looking into election results. If that is equivalent to attempting to overthrowing the government, go to and type in “Democrats objecting to 2016 election results.”
  • Defending one’s reputation when accused of racism, sexism, and “hate crimes.”
  • Business owners saying, “No, I don’t want to design a wedding cake, take photos at your same-sex ‘marriage,’ or promote your Godless events. You can take your business elsewhere.”

In the 1990s, lawyer Mike Goodwin created Goodwin’s Law which states that as an online discussion progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be compared to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the original topic, and that the first person to do so has lost the argument.

Take heart, my fellow Constitutionalists. Our side is turning the tide in the culture war. If Goodwin’s Law holds up, then Leftists are losing every argument they are in, usually by their first sentence.

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