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The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes?

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Zuelke

By Andrew Zuelke, Chairman
Constitution Party of Wisconsin




We are already well into the 2024 election cycle.  Let me give you a preview of just some of the nonsense you will hear from the Democrats and Republicans ad nauseam from now until November 2024.

“This is the most important election of our lifetimes!”  

Translation:  Forget all the past elections when we Democrats and Republicans said THIS election is the “most important of our lifetimes.”  No!  This election REALLY is!

“Democracy is at stake in this election.”  

Translation:  We don’t know what form of government America has, but we know that only our party in the White House and majority control of the House and Senate can save it.

“America cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump/Joe Biden in the White House.”  

Translation:  The two major parties are saying that America is so fragile that it will literally die if the other party’s candidate – one man – gets into the White House in 2025.  They are saying we are just one bad president away from losing it all, so keep voting for the D and R candidates for as long as you live.   Just keep settling for what their parties decide to let you have.

“Abortion is a loser issue for the Republicans.”  

Translation:  We Democrats lost Roe v. Wade.  We need to convince the GOP that any campaigning on that issue will sink their 2024 chances, so they will quit talking about it.  Meanwhile we Democrats will keep talking about it, pushing for full, unrestricted access to abortion without any interference or debate from the “alt-right” extremists.

Vote here sign with American flag

Terri Sewell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I can go on, friends, but for the Democrats and Republicans, fear is still their most potent weapon. Fear of the “other party” getting into or staying in power.   So, if the two big box, two-sides-of-the-same-coin parties can’t convince you to enthusiastically support their state legislature, Congressional, or presidential candidates, they will settle for your support through fear.

Don’t fear the “other party in power.”

Fear a future without God in control and the woke mob of uneducated, ungrateful, angry, wannabe little tyrants in control of your school boards, your local governments, your livelihoods and incomes, and, if unchecked, eventually your every action and your every word.

Friends, I don’t claim that the Constitution Party has all the answers or that we are perfect or sinless (far from it).  I’m not here to tell you that our party will single-handedly save America once we’re in power.  And no, we don’t believe that our party is “God’s right hand on earth.”  God doesn’t need political parties or the foolish creations of men.  I will tell you that our platform is based on the Constitution, the rule of law, and inalienable rights.  We will only endorse candidates who will follow the Constitution and our platform.

I will also tell you this.  Both Democrats and Republicans in power:

  1. Ran up the national debt.
  2. Support the unelected, illegal Federal Reserve, which has debased our “currency.”
  3. Have never and will never eliminate even one unconstitutional federal agency.
  4. Will spend whatever it takes on their campaigns to keep their careers in politics until they decide to “retire” from office.
  5. Support (or perhaps fear?) the LGBT groups in their parties.
  6. Defend asset forfeiture, wetlands laws, and endangered species acts, violating your private property rights.
  7. Will not rid America of the one-world government that is the UN.
  8. Got us into one undeclared, decades-long war after another, spilling American soldier’s blood and squandering our treasure.
  9. Will not abolish the IRS nor eliminate the income tax.

Voters have given Democrats and Republicans enormous power over the decades, repeatedly voting them into positions of trust.

Look what that got us.

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