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2024 State Convention Announced!

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin has published its first call to convention.

The convention will be held Saturday July 13, 2024 from 10:00am to 7:00pm at the DoubleTree Hilton – 150 S. Nicolet Road – Appleton, Wisconsin. (920-735-9955)


Our State Convention speakers this year include:

Scott Liddicoat Mr. Scott Liddicoat: Instructor and author. Authentic conservative graduate of UW-Madison.High school science teacher for 37 years.  Educational consultant and regular contributor to the Tax Times, publication of the Brown County Taxpayer Association.
Matt Sande of Pro-Life Wisconsin Mr. Matt Sande: Legislative Director, Deputy State Director, Pro-Life Wisconsin.  Matt joined Pro-Life Wisconsin in 2003. Public policy and politics are his passion. A 1991 political science graduate from the University of Notre Dame and a former legislative aide in both the Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate, Matt has directly participated in the political process for over thirty years. He effectively educates grassroots pro-lifers on how to influence their state legislators and is frequently quoted in the media on issues such as the morning-after pill, personhood, conscience rights, reproductive technology, embryo-destructive research, and end of life issues.
Paul Venable Mr. Paul Venable: Midwest Regional Chairman and State Chairman for the Constitution Party of Missouri. Paul also served as chairman of The Constitution Party of Idaho for seven years.  IT Consultant, supervisor with Tele Performance.  Paul and his wife Susan have held and continue to organize public and private forums to teach the principles of liberty and of the proper role of government through the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  He has also actively lobbied local and legislative bodies in a private capacity on issues of tax relief, limited government, empowering the people, and strengthening the family.
Cal Zastrow Mr. Cal Zastrow: Evangelist, Missionary and Rescuer of Children scheduled for murder.  He has been a Home Church Leader, completed special mission projects: over 30 times to China, and to Thailand, Qatar, Cuba and most recently to Ukraine, multiple times.  Due to his peaceful, Christ centered interposition for children in the womb, our federal government seeks a prison sentence up to 22 years in prison and $700,000 fine for him.
Randall Terry, Activist, Author, Artist Mr. Randall Terry: The official Constitution Party candidate for President. Founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. He is a Pro-Life Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He has a master’s in Foreign Relations and International Terrorism. His speaking ability, his knowledge of history, his candor, and passion to train others makes him a lethal weapon to the enemies of God, and a vital teacher to those that wish to learn.

Vendor Tables

Please support our vendors’ tables. Besides the party’s table, vendors to date include the John Birch Society, Chris Biga of Goldbacks Constitutional Money, Wisconsin Christian News, Missionaries to the Pre-Born / Defy Tyrants, Pro-Life Wisconsin.


* $65.00 – 10:00am – 7:00pm:  Business meeting, lunch, speakers, auction and dinner

*  $50.00 – 1:30pm – 7:00pm:   Afternoon speakers, auction and dinner

$25.00 – 1:30pm – 5:30pm:   Speakers and auction

Please complete the registration form indicating your attendance plan.

Registration for choices marked with an asterisk received after Friday, July 5th and walk-ins: $75

If you have any questions on registration or the convention in general, please give us a call at 608-561-7996 or e-mail us at If you are receiving this letter, we welcome you to register and attend.


DoubleTree Hilton – 150 S. Nicolet Road – Appleton, Wisconsin. (920-735-9955)

DoubleTree Hilton Appleton

DoubleTree Hilton

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