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Terry Larson is the Constitutionalist Candidate for Attorney General

For Immediate Release – June 20, 2018

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is pleased to announce that Terry Larson, the party’s Communications Director, is the Constitutionalist candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General.

As Attorney General, Terry Larson will oppose the enforcement of Supreme Court opinions as “the law of the land”. He will stop same-sex marriages which are not legal in our state, take action against anyone who damages or removes any veterans’ or Civil War memorials or monuments, and see federal immigration laws and/or similar state laws enforced.

“I will fight the infringement of all constitutional rights, especially the right to free speech and the freedom to keep and bear arms which we have under both our federal and state constitutions,” Larson said.

Terry Larson is the author of “The Christian Response to Homosexual Marriage: How Progressives are Ending America” published by World Ahead Press on June 26, 2017; exactly two years after the Supreme Court’s infamous Obergefell vs Hodges decision was released.

As he wrote, “If everyone agrees, if no one can be bothered to say anything, when five unelected lawyers on the Supreme Court give us their opinion and tell us that is the law, then we are done with this Constitution and we are done with this constitutional republic.”

Terry Larson has been a technical writer and publications project manager for agricultural, construction and consumer equipment manufacturers for over 25 years. He is a WELS church member, married with five children.

Terry Larson is campaigning for the office of Wisconsin Attorney General in response to the Obergefell SCOTUS decision, and the removal of Civil War memorials by Madison Mayor Paul Soglin in August 2017.



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  • Jeremy Brown says:

    Hi, guys. I support what you stand for and will most likely vote for Larson. May I suggest that you guys create a Facebook page for the Constitution Party of Wisconsin and a political profile page for Terry Larson? It would be very easy to do and extremely helpful for those who would support you to share statements, news, and platform information with others. I sought your website out in order to prepare for November’s elections, but not everyone cares enough to do the leg work so I just think it would be beneficial to make it easier to access. Thanks!