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Andrew Zuelke for WI State Treasurer

Update for the 2018 Campaign of Andrew Zuelke for WI State Treasurer
2018 Campaign Season

Introducing Andrew Zuelke: 2018 Candidate for WI State Treasurer

And Again, Greetings Fellow Wisconsinites! In our inaugural Election Season Communiqué, which we recently sent to you, we announced THREE candidates for major state-level political office who are running under the banner of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin. They are: Mr. Terry Larson (State Attorney General) Mr. Andrew Zuelke (State Treasurer) Mr. Thomas Harland (State Assembly, District 64) We have already introduced Terry Larson, 2018 Candidate for WI State Attorney General. Today, we wish to highlight our candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer, Mr. Andrew Zuelke. As with all of our email communications with you, we not only…
CP of Wisconsin
September 19, 2018