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Rule of Law and a Constitutional Republic

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Zuelke

By Andrew Zuelke, Chairman
Constitution Party of Wisconsin



Constitution of the United States - page 1

Constitutional Convention, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Rule of Law is a core issue of the Constitution Party. We understand as you do that without it you will have anarchy. Now, what is happening in New York City and Chicago and some other large Democrat-run cities is what inevitably happens when there are no legal consequences for people not obeying the laws and those in authority not enforcing the laws. We Constitutionalists are not surprised by the chaos; we are only surprised at how much in city funds mayors like Eric Adams of New York City and Brandon Johnson of Chicago are burning through at breakneck speed. They are acting as though they are powerless against the illegal immigrants and must do everything for them as if the illegals are running their cities now.

The Vicious Cycle Goes On

Whenever politicians subsidize something, they will get more of that something. Cities run by socialists built more and more housing for homeless people attempting to get out ahead of the homeless crisis their policies created, then said politicians are shocked that more homeless people begin making their way to their cities. Then, they start building more shelters to try and get out ahead of the new homeless arrivals. Wash, rinse, repeat. The vicious cycle goes on.

It is the same with illegal immigration. Leftists sowed the seeds of their demise when they touted themselves as sanctuary cities, telling illegal immigrants coming to their cities they would provide them with housing, health care, and other benefits. What did they think would happen, or were they even thinking?

It took illegal immigrants getting bussed to Chicago and New York from Texas and Florida for the elected leadership there to realize firsthand what border cities like El Paso, Yuma, and others have been suffering with the strain on their citizens and services. When the crisis wasn’t affecting them, it was easy for Leftists in these northern cities to virtue signal and say we’re not doing enough for undocumented migrants. Where’s your compassion, red states?

Do States Have a Say?

In 2014, the US Supreme Court allowed a 9th Circuit Court ruling to stand against Arizona. The ruling of the 9th Court declared that the state cannot deny driver’s licenses to immigrants who entered the country illegally (DREAMers).

Set aside for a minute the fact that driver’s licenses are state-issued documents, not federal ones, these illegal immigrants, then children, were allowed to stay and work in the US under President Obama’s 2012 deferred deportation program. At that time, Governor Jan Brewer was told by the Obama administration that immigration was a federal issue and that your state couldn’t interfere.

Fast forward to 2023, where these “sanctuary cities” (lawless city councils and county boards) are bleeding their treasuries dry providing housing, food, and other supplies to illegal immigrants, doing for them things these city officials never did for their own law-abiding, taxpaying citizens. According to the New York Post, NYC Mayor Eric Adams is warning that every NYC agency may have to cut 15% of their budgets by next spring to take care of the rising illegal migrant crisis. The article of September 9, 2023, said, “But if the city doesn’t get enough financial aid from the Biden administration or state legislators by early next year, Adams warned additional 5% cuts could come in both January and April.”

If immigration is solely under the authority of the federal government and states don’t have a say, why are cities spending monies from their treasuries and cutting their programs for those here illegally? Likewise, the state legislature in Illinois and New York should be saying to illegals, “We would love to be able to help you, but we can’t interfere. The money for immigrants can only come from the federal government, and that money can’t go to those here illegally, anyway.” Why should the state legislatures send the cities anything, and why are cities asking state legislatures for money?

So, the cities and state legislatures should send bills for any expenses incurred to the federal government to reimburse them. Then, in the future, local governments should stop funding services for illegals and say to them, “We haven’t received monies from Congress. Congress can print money; we can’t. State and local governments only have so much money, so we can’t afford to help you anyway.” Then Congress and the President should fulfill the legal obligation under the Constitution’s Article 4: Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;” and deport those here illegally.

Biden’s Hands Are Tied?

Joe Biden at the Student Union at the University of Nevada

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In early October, President Biden approved the construction of 20 miles of border wall after promising he wouldn’t build “another foot of border wall if elected.” His hypocrisy aside, when asked by the press about this contradiction, Biden said that in 2019, Congress appropriated construction of a border wall in the Rio Grande Valley and that they must use the funds for the purpose approved for. He said that he tried to get Congress to re-appropriate the funds as, in Biden’s words, walls don’t work, but said Congress wouldn’t comply, so his hands are tied.

First, how convenient for Biden. He knows his open-borders immigration policies have created a mess, so this gives him a chance to make it appear as though he’s doing something while keeping his base from turning on him before a presidential election. Biden can say to angry Democrats, “I tried to get evil, xenophobic MAGA Republicans in the House to use the money for something else, but they refused. What was I supposed to do? I don’t like it any more than you do. It’s the Republicans’ fault.” If Biden had a sincere bone in his body, he would have been enforcing this law from the jump.

Second, this funding was approved in 2019. Biden has been president since January 2021. He’s just now enforcing the law? What other laws isn’t he enforcing that have been on the books for years?

The Rule of Law

Friends, as Christians, we should have compassion for those less fortunate, especially children. And immigrants, regardless of their legal status, are human beings created in His image. Securing our borders and points of entry and encouraging lawful immigration will also crack down on and save many immigrants from the horrors imposed on them by human smugglers putting illegals in sweatshops to pay off their debts and in the sex trade. The rule of law and an equal application of the law benefits all.

A primary duty of government is to secure the lives and rights of its citizens first. We must have rule of law and control of our borders to survive as a nation. Let’s remember, too, that over the years, we’ve had many legal immigrants obeying our laws and waiting their turn to become citizens. If they can do it, illegal immigrants can do it too.

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