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Republicans, You Only Want to Talk About Economic Issues? OK, You Asked For It!

By April 7, 2018Finances
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Republicans are always saying, “Social issues are a distraction from the real issue of creating jobs and growing the economy.” Here is the dirty little truth – The Republican Party is at war with itself. There is a death struggle going on in the GOP between economics-only neocons and a dwindling number of social conservatives/evangelicals who should quite frankly come up out of the Republican Party and join the Constitution Party.  

If Republicans only want to talk about economic issues, fine. Let’s do it.

  • What is your timetable for ending the Federal Reserve, Republicans?”  

Either Republicans support or oppose an independent bank controlling our “currency” and the setting of our interest rates.  If they oppose the Federal Reserve, I assume they have plans in the works to power down the Fed and return currency management powers to the Congress.  

The Constitution Party’s platform states that we want to “return to the money system set forth in the Constitution” (meaning Congress coins the money, regulates the value there of and fixes the standards of weights and measures), and we want to “repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and reform the current Federal Reserve banks to become clearing houses only; and prohibit fractional reserve banking.”

Founding Father and third president Thomas Jefferson said, “A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Let us control the money of a country, and we care not who makes its laws.” Who controls our nation, America? Well, who controls our currency?

  • What about the unfunded liabilities, Republicans?”

According to, unfunded liabilities to date are 106 trillion dollars and climbing. It may well be higher than that. According to the US Treasury, unfunded liabilities are Social Security, Medicare Parts A, B and D, the federal debt held by the public and federal employee and veteran benefits. Everyone knows that both major parties’ elected officials have promised more benefits to the electorate than they can ever hope to deliver for the sole purpose of buying votes and protecting their incumbencies. Are you going to be honest about and reign in unfunded liabilities, GOP?  We didn’t think so.

  • Tell us, Republicans, when can we taxpayers expect you to end the IRS and the federal progressive tax on personal incomes?”  

Oh, that’s right, Republicans just pushed through and passed tax relief instead and we the people are supposed to be satisfied with those crumbs, right? Not good enough! As long as the IRS is around, our property and liberty will never be secure.

Republicans will always go just far enough to keep conservatives on the hook voting for them (tax cuts and maybe end the estate tax) but no more than that. They will repeal Obamacare (eventually?) but they will keep the federal government’s nose in your health care decisions with a federally created GOP-sponsored health care plan instead. We Constitutionalists will settle for nothing less than the elimination of the IRS and income taxes and health care being left to the states and individuals.

We wouldn’t need an income tax to fund the government if it was constitutionally restrained.  

  • Are you going to keep deficit spending, Republicans?  Yes or no?”

I assume that the party of “fiscal responsibility” with now total control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue will pass only balanced budgets from now on, correct?  

Obama is not in office for Republicans to cower and surrender to anymore; what’s their excuse for deficit spending now?

Republicans, like Obama and the Democrats, aren’t serious about the national debt. They will push a balanced budget amendment knowing it will never pass but they won’t comply with Article 1:  Section 8. Plus, a balanced budget amendment will continue funding unconstitutional programs. It’s a gimmick.

Republicans say they will “grow us out of debt” by slashing taxes and easing regulations.  The Constitution Party says the only way that strategy will work is a) you can’t incur any more debt and b) any extra revenue coming into Washington, D.C. from new economic growth must go 100% towards the debt, nothing else. We already have a hard time paying just the interest on the debt because we are making payments with devalued FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes).

Those are only four economic issues, but you haven’t heard elected Republicans in Washington address any of them, have you?  2020 will roll around and the IRS, Federal Reserve, the income tax and all the unconstitutional agencies from the Department of Education to the National Endowment of the Arts will still exist. Civil forfeiture abuses will still be happening and individual citizens’ private property will continue being “set aside” under wetlands laws and endangered species acts preventing various property owners from using their own land.

To his credit, President Trump did call for eliminating the NEA and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and some other minor agencies in his budget, but I suspect if a budget comes from Congress with continued funding for those agencies, the president will still sign it.  

Nothing would please me more than if President Trump and Republicans proved me wrong and Republicans do eliminate these agencies and follow the Constitution’s funding restraints, but we’ve been here before. Republicans had from 2001 to 2006 under George W. Bush and their party controlling House and Senate and deficits and government grew.  

If the Constitution Party held the House, Senate and our man was in the White House, all the unconstitutional spending and federal bloat would have been ended.  Until then, Republicans, follow your oaths of office. You only want to talk about jobs? Fine. Constrain your actions and spending to the written Constitution and do yours!