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An Open Letter to Governor Evers Regarding “Emergency Order 1”

An Open Letter to Governor Evers Regarding “Emergency Order 1”

by Mark Gabriel, July 31, 2020

I have read the Email that you and your Lt Governor have sent out today, regarding your Emergency Order requiring all Wisconsinites wear masks due to this Chinese virus, called Covid-19. This “plague,” as you referred to it by description, is to go into effect on August 1st. My response follows:

You say that the order is justified based on science. The medical and scientific community is far from united with the idea that masks are necessary for preventing the spread of this China virus. Some even say that they can make it worse for the wearer’s health, due to lack of oxygen and for inhibiting the building of herd immunity. Some question the seriousness of the virus and many do not think the tests are even accurate in certain places. Observation is an important ingredient in the application of true science. I am not seeing people falling over dead in the streets. I am not seeing any more sick people than at any other time in my 60 years of life. Your emergency order does not pass the smell test, or the eye test. You called this Chinese virus a plague, but I call it a plandemic that you think will help you politically and the cause of your socialist and Marxist goals for our state. I see you following the dictates of tyrannical governors like Inslee in Washington, who came to Wisconsin to help you and Mandela Barnes get elected. You seem to follow the lead of the worst governors in our country who are just fine with these domestic terrorist groups, like BLM and Antifa, who are happy to use violence to bring “change.” Oh, and it’s fine for them to ignore the masks or social distancing according to Democrat governors and mayors.

I can see that you did not learn anything when the Wisconsin Supreme Court spanked you over a “One Size Fits All” approach to your “orders” on the people of Wisconsin. There is good reason to treat the Counties with smaller populations, and far fewer actual cases, differently than those with larger populations and a much larger number of cases. Most counties, outside of Madison and Milwaukee, have infection rates of between 0.04% and 0.05%, while Milwaukee County claims to have a rate of 11%. Common sense would say you treat Milwaukee and Madison a lot more stricter than the rest of the state. We all know those are your Democrat strongholds, so if you did the common sense approach, you might upset your base.

I believe that wearing a mask violates God’s 9th Commandment, which states, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Wearing the masks advances the lie that there is a real health crisis, emergency, pandemic, or plague, when there clearly is not. People are not falling dead in the streets or anywhere else due to transmission of a deadly virus. No more people are dying from this latest Chinese virus, than your basic flu virus. If our country continues to fund the Wuhan lab where it came from, I’m sure they will come out with another worse virus. That would make it easier for you to get by with your draconian orders.

God help us! I believe we have leaders like you, because we as a State and nation have lived in rebellion to our loving Creator and His expectations for how we live. We as a state and nation need to repent for allowing baby murder by abortion and calling, marriage, to be anything other than one man and one woman marriage, which is God’s plan and foundation for strong and healthy families, which make for a strong and healthy state and nation.

Mark Gabriel
Appleton, WI

Mark Gabriel is an 8th District Representative on the Constitution Party of Wisconsin State Committee and has served on the Platform, Convention, and Public Relations Committees.