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Unequal Justice

By Michaeljon Murphy Vice Chairman Constitution Party of Wisconsin. An update to our article on the FBI raiding homes of rescuers with links to stories highlighting the current unequal justice that has been coming out of the court system, particularly when the “justice” is driven by the Biden administration. Includes a call to prayer and action.
CP of Wisconsin
June 16, 2024
Randall Terry, Activist, Author, Artist
2024 Campaign SeasonLifeReligious Liberty

Constitution Party Presidential Candidate to Show TV Ads Exposing Abortion

We are excited to announce that Randal Terry and Pastor Stephen Broden have been selected by the Constitution Party as our candidates for President and Vice President, respectively! They are an unflinching voice for unborn babies and Christian ethics on a wide variety of issues. They are using TV ads that clearly show the sins of our nation!  They call people to stop voting for Democrats who promote child-killing and sexual immorality!
CP of Wisconsin
May 14, 2024
Parade of Palestinian Mujahideen


War must be fought to keep the world in a state of chaos, the people in obedience through fear, and of course, to keep the profits flowing into the hands of those who profit from the manufacture, sale, and use of arms. There is always a justification and an excuse for the next war. The federal response to the covid-19 virus has been wrong in so many ways.
CP of Wisconsin
April 20, 2024
Man paying cash to store clerk
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Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place     By: Scott Liddicoat     Four Critical Words Unhappily, when four critical words are not spoken you know what you’re in for.  The absence of these words almost guarantees you’re dealing with government.  They’re not spoken where government does its work because government just doesn’t get it right. So, what are the four critical words?  And where do you use them?  Where do you hear them? You’ve just paid for something you bought.  The cashier turns to you and says, “thank you!”  In return you reply, “thank you!”  This four word…
CP of Wisconsin
March 31, 2024

Critical Race Theory (CRT) Resolution

Critical Race Theory is based on Critical Theory, a Marxist social and political philosophy often leveraged to bring division between classes.  We share with you a 2023 resolution of the Constitution Party National Committee which stresses the seriousness of its impact on America.   Critical Race Theory (CRT) Resolution   Be it resolved by this body of the Constitution Party assembled on this date, April 22, 2023, to: recognize critical race theory is a threat to ideals of liberty and equality under the law; and, Courtesy Gabby, Gab's AI Image generator recognize that critical race theory exists in direct opposition…
CP of Wisconsin
March 24, 2024
IRS tax form

The Perfect Solution to Student Loan Forgiveness

The Perfect Solution to Student Loan Forgiveness   By Scott Liddicoat   Enough already!  Each side knows what the other one wants and doesn’t want.  It’s time for the back and forth and divisiveness to end.  So here’s a simple solution to student loan “forgiveness” that works for everyone. Just above the Amount You Owe box on your federal taxes, the IRS prints another box.  To the left of it go words that read something like this.  “Your contribution to the Student Loan Forgiveness Fund.”  Into the box, you write in the amount of money you’re willing to contribute,…
CP of Wisconsin
March 16, 2024