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Constitution Party of Wisconsin State Treasurer Candidate Confirmed

Ripon – June 6, 2022

Andrew Zuelke is the official and now ballot-qualified Constitution Party of WI (CPoW) candidate for State Treasurer!

The state Elections Commission and state law require 2,000 signatures – and other paperwork – to be placed on the ballot in an election year. Zuelke submitted the collected signatures one day before the June 1 deadline. The Commission officially approved 2,269 signatures.

“I am very humbled by all the support I’ve received in my bid to get on the ballot again for State Treasurer. My deepest thanks to all those who collected signatures to help me achieve this goal. Whether someone submitted one signature or thirty or 400, it is appreciated and I deeply thank you,” Zuelke said.

In 2018, an amendment to eliminate the State Treasurer and Secretary of State as elected constitutional offices was defeated by 62% of the voters. Having failed in that effort Representative Shae Sortwell and others are working to transform Treasurer and Secretary of State into appointed offices, taking away voters’ choices and say in their government.

“As I said in 2018, voters should have more choices on their ballots, not fewer; more say in their government, not less say. This office and Secretary of State were deliberately stripped of their duties to make them appear to be ‘do nothing’ offices in a shameful bid to make eliminating them easier. Voters in 2018 saw right through that and said ‘No!’ at the ballot box,” explains Zuelke.

He added, “I vigorously oppose making these offices appointed. Sortwell said he wants to place these offices under the governor and add duties to them. I want duties added to these offices too, but as elected offices. Big difference! I oppose the consolidation of power in the hands of two parties duopoly, which is what turning elected statewide offices into diminished appointed offices under a governor would do.”

In its platform, the CPoW opposes the elimination of elected offices.

Elimination of Elective Offices

The CPoW opposes any proposal to change any state-wide (e.g., Secretary of State or State Treasurer) or local offices (e.g., County Clerk or Mayor) currently filled through popular election to appointed positions. Such changes will reduce the officeholder’s accountability to the electorate and instead make the office essentially a political patronage position.

So that accountable representation can be preserved, we also object to electing at-large city aldermen.