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Communism Is Still Alive

By May 16, 2018Communism

Riley J. Hood — Chairman, Milwaukee County Constitution Party

    “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them and which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” Hebrews 13:3

Before the fall of the USSR and the Berlin Wall, you had over 40 nations in the Warsaw Pact, and Communist regimes were brutal persecutors of Christians.  The late Rev. Richard Wurmbrand was “Tortured for Christ,” in Romania, and when he escaped to America, he had to contradict the neo-evangelical Billy Graham, who said there was no persecution in Communist controlled nations.

While there may not be a bloc of over 40 nations who are openly Communist, today, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba are still avowed Communist states.  Eritrea and Belarus while not officially Communist, still have dictatorial regimes in place.  Communism is still popular in “Latin America” with its “Liberation Theology” and there are socialist regimes in Brazil and Venezuela.

Persecution may have been toned down, but what has mostly changed is our views.  Americans think that “free trade” brings freedom.  In others words, most people buy into “economic evangelism” and it serves as an excuse to stop speaking up for their fellow Christians.

In the Peoples Republic of China, one isn’t hearing about martyrdom on mass, or the decades long prison sentences that were endured by Watch Nee, or the South China Church.  Yet, currently the Chinese Communist Party is taking every effort to keep itself an atheist organization.  The Communist Party of China’s Wang Zuoan wrote in the CPC journal “Seeking Truth”, “Officials who have religious faith should be persuaded to give it up, and those who resist should be punished by the Party organization.”  

Cuba still suppresses Christianity, even though American churches have sent many short term missionaries to build schools and other forms of social work. Pastor Ramon Rigal was sentenced to one year of house arrest for home schooling his children.  There are no Christian schools in Cuba, and any non-government school is considered anti-communist.  (More proof the tyrants love public schools.)

The Milwaukee County Constitution Party is concerned with these things because the City of Milwaukee is full of Communists and Socialists of all stripes.  If you are tired of being tormented by criminals and their liberal allies, join the Milwaukee County Constitution Party.