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The Republican Party, Conservatives, and The Bare Minimum

As chairman of a party on the right of the political spectrum, I get asked from time to time why it appears that I am more critical of the Republican Party than the Democrat Party. It’s because I am. I don’t expect better from pro-abortion, pro-same-sex “marriage”, pro-big government, pro-multiple gender Democrats; if you listen, they have told you exactly what they want to impose on America. It’s elected Republicans and party leaders who have said repeatedly they are the party of 1) limited government 2) tax fairness 3) family values 4) traditional marriage, and 5) fiscal responsibility.I expect more…
CP of Wisconsin
May 23, 2020
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Navigating Covid-19 But Leaving Americans’ Liberties Intact

In the management of the current national crisis involving the Covid-19 virus, the actions of the Federal Government are unprecedented and violate the Constitution of the United States in many ways. First and foremost though, our hearts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans who have lost loved ones and friends the past few months, either from the virus itself or in other ways related to the virus, including those suffering from depression or something similar and whose lives ended tragically too soon. The government’s cure is certainly proving to be more deadly than the disease. Secondly, the Federal…
CP of Wisconsin
May 23, 2020
Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030Local Control

Agenda 2030 – Road Map for Agenda 21

By Bob DesJarlais In order for something to become implemented or to be effective, there has to be a vacuum or a created need for it.  As society ignores God and our rule of law and worships the created rather than the Creator, the vacuum is filled with environmentalism and other systems of control.  The people no longer have the ability to govern themselves as relativism sets in and there is no longer a basis for truth. In turn, they look to government for the answer. The tyrant will gladly oblige.  One must remember though that man can never make…
CP of Wisconsin
September 1, 2018