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Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place     By: Scott Liddicoat     Four Critical Words Unhappily, when four critical words are not spoken you know what you’re in for.  The absence of these words almost guarantees you’re dealing with government.  They’re not spoken where government does its work because government just doesn’t get it right. So, what are the four critical words?  And where do you use them?  Where do you hear them? You’ve just paid for something you bought.  The cashier turns to you and says, “thank you!”  In return you reply, “thank you!”  This four word…
CP of Wisconsin
March 31, 2024
IRS tax form

The Perfect Solution to Student Loan Forgiveness

The Perfect Solution to Student Loan Forgiveness   By Scott Liddicoat   Enough already!  Each side knows what the other one wants and doesn’t want.  It’s time for the back and forth and divisiveness to end.  So here’s a simple solution to student loan “forgiveness” that works for everyone. Just above the Amount You Owe box on your federal taxes, the IRS prints another box.  To the left of it go words that read something like this.  “Your contribution to the Student Loan Forgiveness Fund.”  Into the box, you write in the amount of money you’re willing to contribute,…
CP of Wisconsin
March 16, 2024

United States Citizen Inflation Combat Guide

We should give the government credit for a change. This time, they altered the definition of inflation before inflation really hit the news cycle. This is unlike their recently changed definitions for “vaccine” and “vaccination.” Those definitions changed after the pandemic was well underway.
CP of Wisconsin
February 16, 2023
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Oh A Lot of Wind!

"How long will thou speak these things? and how long shall the words of thy mouth be like a strong wind?" Job 8:2 By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party             I was working at a company 11 years ago called Milwaukee Gear.  The depression was hitting and every day another worker was being laid off, but the leadership was staking their future on wind energy.  I sat in a politically correct meeting where all I heard was "wind this" and "wind that." As I knew a bit about the green energy scam, I asked if Milwaukee Gear was getting any subsidies from…
CP of Wisconsin
April 22, 2020
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Inflation: The Cruelest Form of Theft

Riley J. Hood - Chairman, Milwaukee County Constitution Party What is the cruelest form of theft? Burglary? Embezzlement? Counterfeiting? All do damage to honest, hardworking citizens and are appropriately crimes under law. What about inflation? It steals from people while their money is still in their pockets by stealing the buying power of that money. Inflation, in a strict economic sense, is when a civil government engages in counterfeiting. Today we have an entity that has been doing just that since 1913, a legalized privately-run central bank. It is called the Federal Reserve (Fed), which as Howard Phillips has often…
CP of Wisconsin
June 29, 2018

Republicans, You Only Want to Talk About Economic Issues? OK, You Asked For It!

Republicans are always saying, “Social issues are a distraction from the real issue of creating jobs and growing the economy.” Here is the dirty little truth – The Republican Party is at war with itself. There is a death struggle going on in the GOP between economics-only neocons and a dwindling number of social conservatives/evangelicals who should quite frankly come up out of the Republican Party and join the Constitution Party.   If Republicans only want to talk about economic issues, fine. Let’s do it. “What is your timetable for ending the Federal Reserve, Republicans?”   Either Republicans support or…
CP of Wisconsin
April 7, 2018
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Governor Scott Walker’s 2018 State of the State Address: No Time for Moral Issues…Ever!

Governor Scott Walker’s 2018 State of the State Address: No Time for Moral Issues…Ever! By Andrew Zuelke, Chairman, Constitution Party of Wisconsin On January 24th, Governor Scott Walker gave his State of the State (SOTS) address to the legislature (see Not one minute was allocated in the SOTS for any social issue. The governor had time to talk about everything else - how Wisconsin is “number one in cheese, cranberries and ginseng” and he had time to mention twice - but social issues, the Moral Order? No time for that. Social conservatives and evangelicals, when you see your…
CP of Wisconsin
March 29, 2018