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Conservatives Giving Up the Ship While Fighting the Transgender Movement

With the fiery rhetoric from the left and the fizzling red wave in the midterm elections, the Republicans are now offering to add additional exceptions to the 1849 Wisconsin abortion statute which has effectively grounded the murder of preborn children in our state... The liberal fanatics however are not in the least placated and cry for things to go back at least to the way they were before Roe was tossed into the dustbin.
CP of Wisconsin
February 13, 2024
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Thanksgiving Day Message

(NOTE: This brief essay was originally written by the below-signed as a Preface for his family’s practice of Family Worship on the occasion of Thanksgiving. It has been moderately edited, with permission, for adaptation to a more general audience.)   Fellow Wisconsinites: As you know, many Christians across America set aside a couple of hours on Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Eve to observe, not a Festival of the Church, but a civic holiday instituted by the government of the united States of America, for the purpose of recognizing that the many temporal blessings we receive are given to us by…
CP of Wisconsin
November 20, 2018