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Andrew Zuelke is the Constitutionalist Candidate for State Treasurer

For Immediate Release – July 5th, 2018

Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) State Chairman Andrew Zuelke decided to run for State Treasurer again after voters like himself voted “No!” on the April 3 statewide referendum to eliminate State Treasurer.

“The CPoW opposes changing elected offices to appointed ones. It’s in our platform. We want the accountability and the checks and balances which comes with elected offices. Voters should have more ballot choices, not fewer, more say in their government, not less. Appointed bureaucrats like the Secretary of Revenue and Secretary of Administration aren’t up for voter review every four years.”

Zuelke is the only candidate on the 2018 ballot who also ran for Treasurer in 2014. “I campaigned on a platform of preserving the office, restoring several of it’s duties and adding a few more. I said in 2014 that the Budget Stabilization Fund, the Rainy Day Fund, should be overseen by an elected Treasurer, not an unelected department secretary.

“There are legislators in Assembly and state-Senate who also opposed eliminating this office. I will be working with them to again place the Unclaimed Property Program and the Local Government Investment Pool under the Treasurer’s authority, amongst other things.”

If elected, Zuelke pledges to use the office as a bully pulpit to oppose corporate welfare and crony capitalism and expose fraud and waste. He also believes we should rewrite the entire confusing state tax code, calling on the elimination of the progressive tax on incomes. He will work for the day when not just the state property tax, but all unconstitutional taxes on private property are ended.

Zuelke said, “Members of the legislature and the Governor stripping an elected office of its duties, then claiming it is a do-nothing office after they it is at best dishonest. Stripping away the duties of this office did not eliminate the office. It only left the Treasurer with nearly nothing to do. The legislature doesn’t have to wait until the November 6th election to begin rebuilding this office. Why is the Treasurer Adamczyk working with the legislature to restore duties now?”