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November 2018

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Thanksgiving Day Message

(NOTE: This brief essay was originally written by the below-signed as a Preface for his family’s practice of Family Worship on the occasion of Thanksgiving. It has been moderately edited, with permission, for adaptation to a more general audience.)   Fellow Wisconsinites: As you know, many Christians across America set aside a couple of hours on Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Eve to observe, not a Festival of the Church, but a civic holiday instituted by the government of the united States of America, for the purpose of recognizing that the many temporal blessings we receive are given to us by…
CP of Wisconsin
November 20, 2018
Constitution Party of Wisconsin - PRESS RELEASE
2018 Campaign Season

PRESS RELEASE: Constitution Party of Wisconsin considers itself well-positioned to make significant impact in 2020

Greetings Fellow Wisconsinites! Though the Campaign Season of 2018 is now over, initial analysis of our performance in this year’s elections is definitely encouraging. Notably, our candidate for State Attorney General, Terry Larson, attracted over 47,000 votes – enough, it appears, to have denied his principle opponent, Republican Brad Schimel, a victory. Even more importantly, the Constitution Party of Wisconsin outperformed all other third-party candidates by a margin of over 100%. These factors and others prompted us to issue the following Press Release today, to all Wisconsin press organizations. That Press Release can be found, below. In case you only…
CP of Wisconsin
November 9, 2018