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July 2018

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The Case for Restricting Muslim Immigration

Brian Farmer  (The author lived in Saudi Arabia from 1981 to 1997.) We Americans promised to “never forget” the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, but President Barack Hussein Obama and his allies spent eight years trying to persuade the nation that Islamic terrorism had nothing to do with Islam, that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was “contained,” and that al-Qaeda was “on the run.”  Meanwhile, ISIS still murders Christians in areas under its control, its supporters have perpetrated deadly attacks in Europe and the United States, and al-Qaeda remains a potent presence across the Middle East…
CP of Wisconsin
July 20, 2018
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Pro-Life Wisconsin Endorses Constitutionalist Candidates for Attorney General, Assembly and State Treasurer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 12, 2018 (Brookfield) The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC have officially endorsed Constitutionalist candidates Terry Larson for Attorney General, Thomas Harland for Assembly District 64 (Kenosha) and Andrew Zuelke for State Treasurer. Andrew Zuelke, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) said, “We wish to thank the members of the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC for their vetting and endorsement of our candidacies. Pro-Life Wisconsin shares our party’s 100% commitment to defending the innocent unborn! The CPoW is the only ballot recognized party in the Badger State which is 100% pro-life and our party…
CP of Wisconsin
July 18, 2018
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Thomas Harland is the Constitutionalist Candidate for State Assembly – District 64

For Immediate Release - July 5, 2018 (Kenosha) My name is Thomas Harland and I was born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Carroll University with degree in Business and Economics. After living in Missouri and Texas, my wife and I returned home to Wisconsin to raise our two young boys. For far too long, the 64th Assembly district has had no choice on the ballot but to send a Democrat to Madison. It is my belief that state and federal governments should be made up of true representatives of the people rather…
CP of Wisconsin
July 5, 2018
CandidacyPress Release

Andrew Zuelke is the Constitutionalist Candidate for State Treasurer

For Immediate Release - July 5th, 2018 Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) State Chairman Andrew Zuelke decided to run for State Treasurer again after voters like himself voted “No!” on the April 3 statewide referendum to eliminate State Treasurer. “The CPoW opposes changing elected offices to appointed ones. It’s in our platform. We want the accountability and the checks and balances which comes with elected offices. Voters should have more ballot choices, not fewer, more say in their government, not less. Appointed bureaucrats like the Secretary of Revenue and Secretary of Administration aren’t up for voter review every four years.”…
CP of Wisconsin
July 5, 2018