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“How long will thou speak these things?
and how long shall the words of thy mouth be like a strong wind?” Job 8:2

By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party

            I was working at a company 11 years ago called Milwaukee Gear.  The depression was hitting and every day another worker was being laid off, but the leadership was staking their future on wind energy.  I sat in a politically correct meeting where all I heard was “wind this” and “wind that.” As I knew a bit about the green energy scam, I asked if Milwaukee Gear was getting any subsidies from the government?  I was laughed at, “Of course not Riley.”  And on and on they went, they asked me if I had any comments, I said, “Oh a lot of wind.” MG ended up making prototype gears and then the wind blew the contract over to China (Wuxi MFG), and American workers into the soup line.

            What about wind and renewables? I have no philosophical problem with it.  Nothing wrong with the concept of energy from the Sun, wind or waves or hydro.  I am not an environmentalist, and I don’t care if you turn every forest into saw dust and slice every bird into crispy nuggets to build a power plant. 

The problem is that right now wind and solar are still inefficient. There is more usable energy in oil, coal, and gas than there is in wind and solar. The technology is not online at this time, and all the government subsidies in the world can’t buy the advances in engineering necessary to make these forms of energy abundant and profitable.  If a business can’t produce, then that business doesn’t deserve to be a tax-funded failure.  Ideas are great, and regarding technology, I never say never, after all people invented a working airplane and launched rockets to the moon, in spite of centuries of skepticism. The airplane was invented without government handouts, because it is of more use than a rocket to the moon, which is a creature of federal subsidy.  David Howard Armstrong took weak radio signals and with his Super-Heterodyne and Frequency Modulation gave us FM radio. Nickola M. Tesla invented the “impossible” AC motor, the basis of most servo motors today.  There has yet to be a breakthrough with wind and solar, and Greta Thunberg isn’t going to do it.  

Thomas Jefferson said, “What more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”  (First Inaugural Address, March 1, 1801)

The Milwaukee County Constitution Party position is straightforward. The US Constitution Article I, Section 8 says, “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;” that is where federal subsidy begins and that is where federal subsidy ends.  The taxpayer doesn’t owe any company a tidy profit, to be extracted from the taxpayer’s earnings. We affirm the CPOW Platform-Government/Private Partnership Plank, which reads, “America was founded on the economic principles of the “free enterprise” system. An individual was free to operate his business under the law without government intervention and regulation. This economic system is being replaced by public (government) – private partnerships. This system is called fascism. The Constitution Party is opposed to public – private partnerships and is for a return to the true “free enterprise” system that once made our nation great and economically prosperous.” Anything else is a lot of wind.

Milwaukee County Constitution Party

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