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The Constitutional Party of Wisconsin is a grassroots political organization committed to upholding and defending the principles and values outlined in the United States Constitution. With a deep respect for limited government, individual liberty, and preserving our constitutional rights, we strive to provide a moral alternative to the traditional party system.


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Our New Logo and Website

Welcome to our NEW website! This project has been the object of our attention for the past year, and represents a significant investment in our public identity and in our preparations for renewed and invigorated political activity in the State of Wisconsin in the coming years. Our Party is growing. As it becomes clear to Conservatives across our State and Nation that the majority parties have become hopelessly corrupt, they are, more and more, seeking alternatives. Interest in our Party, as measured by both inquiries and membership growth, has been on the rise as a result.

Lack of Leadership in the Protection of Life

With the fiery rhetoric from the left and the fizzling red wave in the midterm elections, the Republicans are now offering to add additional exceptions to the 1849 Wisconsin abortion statute which has effectively grounded the murder of preborn children in our state... The liberal fanatics however are not in the least placated and cry for things to go back at least to the way they were before Roe was tossed into the dustbin.

United States Citizen Inflation Combat Guide

We should give the government credit for a change. This time, they altered the definition of inflation before inflation really hit the news cycle. This is unlike their recently changed definitions for “vaccine” and “vaccination.” Those definitions changed after the pandemic was well underway.

News Release Roe v. Wade

June 24, 2022 marked the Supreme Court of the United States overturning of its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. More than 60 million innocent, defenseless children were aborted during that nearly 50-year time period. Recognizing the Constitutional requirement in the 10th Amendment, for the power to declare laws or decrees not granted to them, as reserved for the States or the people, they have recognized that States all along had the power make laws to criminalize abortion.

How the Democrats and Republicans Stay in Power

As the 2020 Census results have come out and, I began thinking about the ways Democrats and Republicans managed to stay in power…and why voters need more choices.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin State Treasurer Candidate Confirmed

Andrew Zuelke is the official and now ballot-qualified Constitution Party of WI (CPoW) candidate for State Treasurer! See Candidate Tracking by Office Report, pg. 3.

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